IAC 2023 - Delhi winning recipe

Category: Championship
Creator: Arne Jach
The winning recipe for the Delhi round of the 2023 Indian Aeropress Championship

Following the competition rules:
max 18 g of coffee
min 150 ml liquid
max 5 min total including grinding

The coffee was the same for all contestants. "Caarabi roasters: Barbara Estate - Pineapple Fermentation" which was made available 1 week prior to the event.

Very interesting coffee, but I found it had a distinct bitter/harsh aftertaste that I did not enjoy too much. That is why I went for low temperature, short time and low agitation. Worked pretty well I think :)

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Caarabi roasters: Barbara Estate - Pineapple Fermentation


80°C / 176°F


  1. Weigh 18g of coffee
  2. Set grinder to medium (70 clicks on my 1Zpresso Q2)
  3. Invert Aeropress. Add 185 ml of 80C water fairly quickly, no blooming, about 15 sec. Start timer after water addition.
  4. Use the aeropress stirrer and carefully push the coffee about 3-4 times, Very slowly, no stirring
  5. Add 2 paper filters, rinse with hot water
  6. After 1:30 of immersion put Aeropress on a cup
  7. Press slowly, should take about 30 seconds to filter through
  8. That's it

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