Inverted Bypass Sweetness

Creator: Fred D

I find this recipe gives a smooth and sweet-tasting cup of coffee.

It works well for a variety of coffee cup sizes: I use it for 100mL/7g , 200, 250, and 300mL/20g.

I use 2 filter papers for this recipe.

Tried this recipe? Let us know what you think, in the comments below.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium roast


90-95°C / NaN°F


  1. Prepare your AeroPress in the inverted position.
  2. Grind 1 tablespoon of coffee per 100 mL of water, using a medium grind size. Add to AeroPress.
  3. Heat the desired amount of water (100 mL to 300 mL) to 200°F, or 93°C
  4. Measure half of the water. Start timer, and pour water quickly into the Aeropress.
  5. Place 2 filters on the cap and rinse.
  6. At 0:45, stir coffee 3-5 times using a front-and-back motion.
  7. Measure the other half of the water.
  8. Gently press down on the inverted AeroPress so that the coffee and water are near the top.
  9. At 1:30, place cap, flip AeroPress over coffee cup and plunge down completely.
  10. Add the other half of the water to the coffee cup. Stir and enjoy!

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