Jacoby's 'Pseudo Espresso'

The point of this recipe is to do a twist on the classic "psuedo-espresso" recipe that the Aeropress was first invented to produce... but with better extraction.

“I've only had a couple of varieties that don't take well to this recipe. Go for a nice clean washed Ethiopian or a Kenyan. Makes the fruity notes pop along with having great viscosity.”

Try to finish within 2 minutes otherwise it gets too harsh.

Thanks to the crew @carabellocoffee @carabelloanalog for this recipe.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium - Fine
A nice clean washed Ethiopian or a Kenyan.


95°C / 203°F


  1. Place your AeroPress upon your vessel in the standard position and add the coffee.
  2. Pour in 50g of water and bloom - stirring for the first 15 seconds.
  3. Let it sit for another 15 seconds, then add all the water quickly.
  4. Give a couple more stirs then secure plunger in place.
  5. When your timer hits 1:15 start plunging.
  6. Try to finish within 2:00 otherwise it gets too harsh.

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