Kenya Riaki AA light+

Creator: Huy Dao

This recipe brings out the oolong taste and tea smells of Kenyan Riaki beans. You'll get a cup that's sweet as wild fruit, bitter as green tea…

A medium-coarse grind is recommended for this recipe - 23 clicks on a C2 chestnut.

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Kenya Riaki AA


93°C / 199°F


  1. Invert your AeroPress, add ground coffee.
  2. Start timer, add 30-35ml of water.
  3. Stir 10x, wait until 00:30.
  4. Put the paper + cap on, flip AeroPress.
  5. Make a gentle swirl until the coffee drops into the water.
  6. Wait until 1:50.
  7. Press for 30-40s.
  8. Enjoy your coffee!

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