Kruve's Sifted AeroPress Recipe

The Kruve is an easy way to ensure you get consistent grind size before you brew your coffee - this results in a consistent extraction and overall better tasting coffee.

This is the recipe they recommend following when using their sifter - with a bottom sieve of 500 and top sieve of 900.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter




95°C / 203°F
  1. Grind 18 grams of coffee
  2. Sift for 30 seconds with the Kruve sifter
  3. Pour the middle tray into the inverted brew chamber
  4. You should get approx. 15grams out after the sift
  5. Start your timer
  6. Add 220ml of water
  7. Rinse your filter while waiting
  8. At 2:20 give the chamber a slight turbulent wiggle and then add the filter cap
  9. Flip the Aeropress and start to press for about 20 seconds
  10. Enjoy!

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