Lemonjello's Cold Brew

This is a cold recipe

100g of Ice is being used in this recipe.

This cold brew AeroPress recipe is from Matthew Scott at Lemonjello's Coffee, USA.

This is an easy single pour AeroPress recipe, and what you get is a balanced cup of cold coffee without the "cold brew taste" some of us hate.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Ethiopian, Kenyan, South & Central American


93.4°C / 200°F


  1. Add coffee to your inverted AeroPress chamber.
  2. Add 100g water.
  3. Give it a vigorous stir at 1 minute mark.
  4. Press it over 100g ice.
  5. This should make approximately 200g total volume of iced coffee.
  6. Add more ice before drinking if desired.

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