Long steady press

I created this recipe to achieve a balaced, delicate body but complex taste (not heavy and bitter).

This recipe uses 2 standard filters.

No stirring, no bloom - only a swirl at the end.

Let me know what you think in the comments below ;)

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium fine - 21 clicks on Comandante grinder
Any light roasted beans


96°C / 204°F
  1. Put 2 filters into the cap. Don’t rinse or preheat the brewer
  2. Add your coffee ground (15g-16g)
  3. Pour all the water, making sure you wet all the coffee and place the plunger(put it from an angle) immediately so the coffee doesn’t drip
  4. Wait until 1:30
  5. At 1:30 gently swirl the brewer hold it all so it doesn’t make a mess
  6. Press very slowly for 1 minute - make sure the water moves down at the same pace
  7. Wait till the coffee reaches a drinkable temperature - 45 degrees
  8. Enjoy! Observe how the coffee tastes differently at different temperatures

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