Low effort, big reward

This AeroPress recipe can take up to 20 minutes to brew, but if you have time it is worth trying out... get it started then fry some eggs, take a shower or pack the kids lunches; you'll be well rewarded with an amazingly smooth and flavorful cup of coffee.

In a world where a lot of AeroPress recipes seem quite similar in nature, this recipe is refreshingly unique.

Scroll right down for step by step walk through the recipe.

The below is quoted from the original thread on Reddit (which you can read here)

"What you're left with is an incredibly rich, clean, and full bodied extract without any bitterness that I haven't been able to replicate any other way. You get all of the bright notes of the beans, but also the darker earthy and chocolate notes from the entire bean. You can then either drink as is for a rich brew or dilute with boiled water to taste.

I have found that this method doesn't overextract. You'll have to try it for yourself... but it makes an amazingly smooth and flavorful cup. My method emphasizes not overly disturbing the coffee bed - I'm interested in the natural diffusion of the flavors rather than any forceful extraction. I don't stir the bed or the bloom with any utensil, but rather focus on agitating with a gentle swirl - the bit of water on the bottom before the grounds go in help ensure I get full immersion without too much mucking around. The short bloom then just helps with degassing, then the pour to the top gets the brewing started. After a minute, the grounds have really soaked up the water and have started to swell up.

After I flip the aeropress right side up, I can immediately see the grinds start to flocculate to the bottom creating a secondary filter bed. I swirl gently to get any wayward grinds into the aeropress before I take off the plunger. At this point I remove all of the foam off the top because I've found that's where a lot of the muddy flavors sit. At this point, the coffee has already started draining into my cup. This coffee is usually really bright and fruity since it's been about a minute or two into extraction. I often will top up the aeropress to the top, being careful not to disturb the grounds at all. I've stuck my spoon to taste the coffee towards the end of the drip, and the heavier earth tones are extracted later on into the brew. Because there is very minimal disturbance to the grounds once you set this up, you don't get any forced extractions of bitter flavors. The fine grounds are actually key to this brew method I think since it slows the speed the water is going through the bed, again making diffusion rather than extraction the emphasis here.

When the coffee is done extracting, it's still pretty warm.

It also makes a mean iced coffee.

Like I said, I haven't been able to recreate this flavor profile using any other method... give it a try and let me know what you think."

Tried it? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Recipe details:

Metal Filter


Medium - Fine
Whatever you like, but keep it fresh


96°C / 204°F


  1. Boil water, put into inverted aeropress to heat.
  2. 2 scoops of beans, ground slightly coarser than espresso.
  3. Dump water out.
  4. Inverted aeropress at max capacity, fill water to top of 4 circle (approx 1cm of water).
  5. Dump grounds, slowly pour water to top of 2.
  6. Swirl a couple of times to bloom.
  7. Fill water to the top of aeropress, cap with metal filter. Allow to stand for 1m.
  8. After 1 min, place aeropress right side up over cup/mug. Swirl to make sure all grounds are immersed.
  9. Pull off the plunger. At this point you'll see the coffee grounds flocculating to the bottom of the brewer.
  10. Skim off foam and oils from the top and carefully top with water. Allow to gravity filter. It should take about 20m+ to complete the brew.

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