A simple recipe for a mocaccino-like coffee. Very well-balanced aromas, quite close to a coffee shop result.

My personal ingredients:

- Light roast fruity/floral coffee (Guji, Ethiopia)

- 7g of cocoa powder without sugar (Nestlé dessert unsweetened cocoa powder)

- 120g of 65°C Semi-skimmed milk or whole milk (froth with Subminimal NanoFoamer v2)

- Grind size: 70 clicks (medium-fine) with KINGrinder K2

Recipe details:

Metal Filter


Light roast


90°C / 194°F


  1. Put 7g of cocoa powder in a cup.
  2. Add coffee into your AeroPress.
  3. Fill up with 64g of 90°C water.
  4. Immediately stir for 30s.
  5. Put plunger and wait for 1 minute.
  6. Swirl it a bit.
  7. Plunge for 30s.
  8. Blend coffee and cocoa powder.
  9. Add 120g of 65°C milk (optionally: half foam and half milk).

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