No Bells and Whistles

This is a very simple inverted recipe. With a long steep time and a slow press, it produces a smooth, tasty and balanced cup of coffee.

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


light roast


100°C / 212°F


  1. Put the paper filter on the cap and rinse it with a lot of ‘off the boil’ water
  2. Put 15gr of freshly medium-ground coffee inside the inverted AeroPress
  3. Start the timer and add 215gr of water with circular movements - it should take you approx 30sec
  4. At approx 00:35 stir 4-5 times (just like Tim Wendelboe does it on his videos) and put the cap on the AeroPress
  5. At 2:00 invert the AeroPress, give it a little swirl (the equivalent of a V60 “Rao spin”) to ensure that there are no grounds stuck to the side and plunger and start pressing very gently until 3:00 - don’t push all the way to the bubbling hiss at the end!

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