Polish style cup of coffee

Recipe based on the classic Alan Adler's recipe with small twist adjusted for lighter roasted coffee.

I grind my beans to medium or medium-fine, 14-16 click on Timemore C2. And I use light or medium roasts with fruity flavors.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


medium or medium-fine 14-16 click on Timemore C2
Light or medium roast with fruity flavors


94°C / 201°F
  1. Prepare aeropress, Grind your coffee
  2. Add coffee
  3. Start timer and pour all water
  4. Stir vigorously during 10.sec. 15 moves / 10 s.
  5. In 30 s. Add plunger and wait
  6. In 45 sec. start gently press s. in. 20-30 s
  7. Enjoy your coffee as it is or add some water (up to 100 ml) to dilute

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