Ralf Rueller's Personal AeroPress Recipe

This is the AeroPress recipe of The Barn Founder, Ralf Rueller.

It aims for a juicy cup that has a creamy mouth feeling.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium (26 clicks on Comandante)
something light


95°C / 203°F
  1. Rinse paper filters (I like to use 2)
  2. Prepare your beans and boil your water
  3. Invert the AeroPress (below number 4) and fill in the beans
  4. Aim for 40-50ml with 30s Bloom (V60 Style)
  5. Give it 5 stirs
  6. After 30 seconds pour in the rest of the water
  7. At 01:00min attach the filter and gently push out the air
  8. At 01:30min flip the AeroPress
  9. Give it a slow press (around 20s)
  10. Enjoy!