Rule of Thirds

This is a simple AeroPress recipe that I use for all coffees, generally as a benchmark for how they taste and what flavor notes they have.

I figured out this recipe while traveling this summer. I find that it's fairly quick, simple, and makes a really balanced cup!

Worth noting - I prefer to use double paper filters for this recipe.

Hope you enjoy!

Recipe details:

Paper Filter




94°C / 201°F


  1. Invert Aeropress, put 20g of medium ground coffee in Aeropress and tap to level, and put 2 filters in the filter cap and rinse. Preheat mug as well.
  2. Start the timer and pour 50g of water, stir until all the grounds are saturated, wait 30s
  3. Pour up to 100g, wait until 50s.
  4. Pour to 225g, put filter cap on Aeropress
  5. At 1:30s, invert Aeropress and plunge for 30s-40s (2:00-2:10)
  6. Add 30g of just off-boil water to completed coffee and stir
  7. Enjoy!

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