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Practicing ahead for the 2019 National Hungarian AeroPress Championship I realized I have been putting my head around a certain fix numbers such as building my recipe around 15 grams, following the casual rule of 10 stir, pushing it out in 30 secs, etc.

It's amazing to see and know the possibilities you can make and have meanwhile playing with the details. Can't wait to brew and compete later this year!

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium coarse EK 4.5
Natural, Semi-washed


92°C / 197°F
  1. 40g hot water for blooming in 30 seconds, 10 stir with metal spoon.
  2. by 1:00 add the remaining water filling up to 250ml.
  3. Add the cap, push out the air, turn the Aeropress into your mug, wait till 1:30.
  4. At 1:30, push out the magic in 30 seconds.
  5. Let it cool a couple of minutes. TA-DA!

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