The shake-weight

This recipe for me gives me good complexity and depth, and most of all it’s fun to do (just not in front of people)!

I recommend 2 filter papers!

(Side tip, dose coffee with the AeroPress at an angle, tap once and wipe the fines off the side for a cleaner brew!)

Tried this recipe? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium coarse
Something Light & bright


94°C / 201°F


  1. Add 14g of coffee to your AeroPress.
  2. Dose your water and put on the plunger.
  3. Immediately grab your AeroPress with one hand, use thumb and index finger to pull up and create a vacuum which prevents your coffee from dripping through.
  4. Swirl like mad! (For 30-40 sec.)
  5. At 1 min, plunge for 40 seconds.
  6. Drank!

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