Simple Cold Brew

Creator: Eric W.
This is a cold recipe

This brew revolves around a room temperature cold brew and finished by adding ice cold water.

There are other similar brews but this one seemed to be my preference for a light/med light roast coffee cold brew.

📝 Recipe Notes:

  • Brew water: 63mL of room temperature, about 22C or 72F
  • Bypass water: 152mL of ice cold water

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Ethiopean - Medium Light


Room Temperature°C / NaN°F


  1. Grind 15.5g of Med Light/Light roast coffee - Fine
  2. Place filter in cap and wet paper filter with room temp water
  3. Add 63mL of room temp water to inverted AeroPress
  4. Add coffee and swirl for 60s. (Swirling shouldn't pass 2 level)
  5. Add cap and filter and press. Should take about 30 seconds
  6. Add 152mL of ice cold water and a quick stir
  7. Enjoy
  8. (optional) Let sit for 5-10 minutes.

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