Starbucks Americano's replacement

Creator: Alex

You spend too much money on Starbucks. You like their americano.

I elaborated this recipe so my significant other would stop driving to Starbucks once or twice a day to get the only coffee she would drink, a custom ordered grande americano with an extra shot and an inch of space on top to have a strong brew.

This makes a clean black coffee that is easy to drink and healthy. The recipe is purposefully no fuss so anybody can learn it quickly. I focus on what I find makes a perceptible difference to casual drinkers.

Tried this recipe? Let us know what you think, in the comments below.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


medium-fine (25 on Rancillio Rocky)
Starbucks Espresso Dark Roast


95°C / 203°F


  1. Prepare the aeropress with the filter at the bottom.
  2. Heat the water to 95 degrees Celcius.
  3. Grind 21-22g of medium-fine Strabucks Espresso Dark Roast coffee beans.
  4. Put the aeropress on top of a cup after shaking it a bit to settle the grounds at the bottom.
  5. Quickly add 210-220g of water up to the top of the number 4 circle.
  6. Stir the Aeropress 5-8 times just enough so all grounds are wet.
  7. Quickly put the top part on the Aeropress and try not to press coffee out, then pull it back a little so it creates a vaccuum and stop dripping.
  8. Start a timer and wait 2 minutes.
  9. Slowly press for about 20-25 seconds until you hear a hiss and stop there or slowly press a little bit more after a short pause until you hear a second hiss but stop at the beginning of the hiss.
  10. Turn the aeropress bottom on the side over the cup so remaining water can escape in your cup. Add 110g of water to end up with about 300ml of coffee.

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