Strong Black

In this recipe, you need 21.6g of coffee and fill the water in three stages: 75%, 95% and 99%.

This results in a perfect cup for me every time.

Recipe Note:

  • Use a typical AeroPress grind (finer than pour-over grind).

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Typical AeroPress grind


96°C / 204°F
Fill as recommendedmL
  1. Grind 21.6 grams of coffee. I use the Aergrind.
  2. Add coffee to AeroPress.
  3. Start a timer, add water to 75% height of AeroPress.
  4. At 0:50 swirl 5 rotations.
  5. Add more water to 95% full.
  6. Swirl 5 more rotations.
  7. Add water to near top.
  8. Begin press at 1:30.
  9. Complete press between 2:00 to 2:10.

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