Sumatra AeroPress Crema

Strong coffee plus a little crema.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Starbucks Verona or other dark roast


85°C / 185°F


  1. Invert AeroPress, put 12g of medium-coarse dark roast ground coffee in AeroPress and shake to even the coffee bed.
  2. Put 1 filter in the filter cap and rinse and preheat mug as well.
  3. Start the timer, pour 120g of water, gently mix with up to 10 turns and close the cap.
  4. At 2:00, invert AeroPress and put force in the system to create pressure.
  5. When the liquid has finished going down, release the pressure and finish lightly, letting the crema go down smoothly.
  6. Slide the lid over the cup so the remaining crema goes down. Then mix the coffee with a spoon to enjoy it.

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