2016 Swiss AeroPress Championship - 1st place

The winning recipe of the Swiss Aeropress Championship 2016, as presented by "Die Kaffemacher:innen" on their Youtube channel.

This is a good base AeroPress Recipe, so feel free to use any beans and adjust the recipe according to your tastes.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Everything - it's a basic recipe you can adjust to your coffee and flavor liking.


97°C / 206°F


  1. Grind 25g of coffee coarsley - think of coarse crystal sugar. Pre-wet the filter paper in the cap.
  2. Put the coffee into the inverted Aeropress, start your timer and pour 100g of water within 20 seconds. If you finish sooner, wait until the timer hits 00:20.
  3. At 00:20, start stirring for 20 seconds slowly and consistently to help extraction (until timer reaches 00:40).
  4. At 00:40 put on the filter cap with the filter on and push out the excessive air - you want to be finished with that before the timer hits 01:00.
  5. At 01:00, invert the Aeropress and push out all the liquid for 30 seconds until 01:30.
  6. You should end up with 70-80g of liquid. Now add 100g of water (bypass) - you may use colder water to reach drinking temperature immediately.
  7. Enjoy!

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