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My first recipe! I've taken some inspiration from some of my favorites I've found on the site and merged them together as best as I possibly can. The result is a coffee which I love the flavours and body, for not much effort or need for extra equipment.

There's a little bit of wiggle room in the recipe, including upping the dose and keeping ratios consistent if you want a bigger cup. You can also use this inverted if you want a slightly richer body.

Hope you enjoy!

Tried this recipe? Let us know what you think, in the comments below.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Any, but I've especially enjoyed with washed Rwandan


99°C / 210°F


  1. Set up your AeroPress with a dry paper filter on a cup with coffee grounds.
  2. Start timer for bloom, add around 28g of water to the AeroPress for a 1:2 ratio.
  3. Either use the provided stirrer to wet all the grounds, or give the Press a swirl (I prefer this personally).
  4. Let timer hit 0:45, then add your remaining water for a total 200g, place the plunger on top to avoid dripping.
  5. At 1:45, give the AeroPress a swirl, once or twice is enough, and place back down.
  6. At 2:15, start pressing, going all the way through past the hiss so the plunger is at the bottom, aiming to finish by 2:45.
  7. Let coffee cool for 30s-2m, and enjoy!

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