Teeny Tiny Mindblowing AeroPress Recipe

Ever tried a double-extraction recipe? I was inspired by @tyler.bottts and @aesirfilters to give it a go, and I had 11g coffee kicking around, so I thought I’d try making it teeny-tiny too.

The thing that blows me away with this recipe is just control you have! The straight up cup was quite bright, but being able to control the depth, then the balance was completely mind blowing.

P.S We need two carafes here.

Tried it? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium-Fine (22 clicks on Comandante; 3.9 on Kinu)


91°C / 195°F
  1. 0’00 pour 30g, give the coffee a stir, plunge out by 30s.
  2. 0’30 Remove AeroPress, take plunger off, set aside bloom (this is your sour and bitter compounds of your coffee! Kinda like a ristretto)
  3. Reset timer. 0’00 Fill up to 120g (yes, on your coffee you just extracted), stir and wait for one minute.
  4. 1’00 Stir again, press quite slowly for 40ish seconds.
  5. 1’40 Add your coffee to your cup, and add a bit of your bloom. Taste, and if you want to make it more bitter/acidic then add more of your bloom. When you like the flavour, dilute a little (if you want) and enjoy!

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