The Six-Eleven - A Kalita (non-wave) Style AeroPress

I played with the Aeropress to get the taste profile to match what I make in a Kalita Style 102 Ceramic dripper

On my 1ZPresso Jx grinder, I used a 1.6 grind setting, which I'd consider somewhere between fine and medium. Finer than pour-over, coarser than Espresso.

Water temp was 85 degrees Celsius.

I call it the Six-Eleven, because you take the grams of coffee ground, and the AeroPress concentrate will be grams x 6 and the total outcome will be grams x 11 (or 12 depending on flavour).

Tried this recipe? Lets us know what you think, in the comments below.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium Fine
Any coffee you'd normally use for filtered or AeroPress


85°C / 185°F


  1. Grind 18g of Coffee on a Medium-Fine setting and pour into AeroPress (you don't have to pre-wet the single filter).
  2. Pour 36g of 85 degree water and let sit for 30 seconds to bloom.
  3. Pour 72g of additional water and put in the plunger to let steep.
  4. Steep for 1 minute.
  5. Push the Aeropress Plunger so that it takes about 30 seconds to get to the bottom.
  6. Choose the final concentrate dilution by multiplying the total coffee grams by 11 (stronger) or by 12 (weaker).
  7. Subtract the final amount (eg. 18*11 = 198) by the amount already poured in (eg. 18*6 = 108)
  8. Pour the dilution amount (eg. by the calculation example above, it would be 90g).
  9. Enjoy!

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