The Ultimate Iced Coffee Recipe

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This is a cold recipe

I came up with a new recipe for brewing iced coffee where we basically turn our AeroPress into a cold dripper.

This recipe uses room temperature water, and recommends a coarse grind (eg. French Press). It also includes a 3 pour process, taking approximately 20 minutes in total for the most amazing AeroPress iced coffee

Scroll past the instagram video below for full recipe instructions :)

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Coarse ground coffee (french press grind size)


room temperature°C / NaN°F


  1. Add 30g of coarse ground coffee to your AeroPress.
  2. Start the timer, pour 100g water in (rotate the AeroPress while you pour each time), swirl a little, wait to 5:00.
  3. Pour another 100g water in, swirl a little, wait to 10:00.
  4. Pour the final 100g water in and wait to 20:00.
  5. At 20:00, remove the AeroPress.
  6. Swirl your coffee, serve over some ice!

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