This cup is getting ratio’d

Creator: BackToBlack5

This is similar to the James Hoffman ultimate technique, but his 11g coffee to 200g water just ain’t strong enough for me.

Using a 1:10 ratio I either do 20g coffee to 200g water or, for a larger mug, 25g coffee to 250g water.

Recipe Notes:

  • Dry paper filter
  • 98°C for medium roast, 95°C for dark roast

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium/Dark roast (200 Degrees Brazilian Love Affair)


98/95°C / NaN°F


  1. Pour in 200g of water, insert plunger to prevent loss of liquid, but DON'T plunge yet.
  2. Leave to brew for 2mins.
  3. At 2:00, swirl cup/AeroPress.
  4. Allow 30 seconds and then plunged, this could take approx 30 seconds.
  5. Slightly pull back plunger to avoid drips.
  6. Clean up AeroPress, drink delicious coffee.

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