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After trying multiple recipes from all over the internet, champions and aeroprecipe, nothing beats simplicity for me. Its the way the AP was intended to be used!

Recipe details:

Paper Filter




94°C / 201°F


  1. Grind your coffee very fine (1 click out on a Hario Slim Mill)
  2. Heat water to specific degrees based on roast (195f for Dark Roast,200f for Medium, 205f for light roast)
  3. Rinse filter and place in aeropress, set it up in standard formation on your vessel
  4. Add ground coffee to your aeropress
  5. Fill water to the space between the 1 and the 2 and vigorously stir for 10 seconds
  6. Insert your plunger and press for about 45 seconds. The slower the better so you get a cleaner cup
  7. Add water to taste

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