Two for One

With this recipe, you can brew two cups of coffee in one go.

Brew a strong 1:8 ratio AeroPress recipe (30g coffee to 250g water), then dilute with water into a carafe after brewing for a 500g 1:16 ratio brew. Use 2 paper filters for an extra clean cup.

📝 Recipe Notes:

  • Filter: 2 paper filters

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter




95°C / 203°F
  1. Bring 500g water to 95°C or just off boil
  2. Grind 30g coffee, medium-fine
  3. Add 2 paper filters to Aeropress
  4. Add coffee grounds and tap to level
  5. Add 250g and stir with paddle for 5 seconds
  6. Let grounds steep for 1:30
  7. At 1:30, plunge slowly, brew should end around 2:00
  8. Add remaining 250g water in kettle to carafe
  9. Swirl or stir coffee

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