Two Sweet Latte

Creator: Joshua

This recipe makes a great latte from dark roasted coffee beans. It's sweet and smooth without any bitterness after drinking.

It might be under extracted if you are using light roasted beans.

A milk foaming machine (e.g. Aeroccino) with fatty milk is recommended.

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium (e.g. 2:4 for Feld47, 7 clicks for Hario Slim)
Dark roast


90°C / 194°F
  1. Add 120g of 90°C hot water into the chamber
  2. Stir 7 times and close the chamber with the filter cap and paper filter
  3. Wait for 50 seconds
  4. Invert the chamber, press gently for 30 seconds until the hiss
  5. Divide 90g of the concentrated coffee to two cups (40~45g each)
  6. Make 150g foamed milk each using Aeroccino4 (Hot milk mode) for 90 seconds
  7. Pour the 150g foamed milk immediately into one concentrated cup before any foam-milk separation
  8. Repeat step 6 and 7 for the other cup (taking another 90 seconds)

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