Tzan's Hellenic AeroPress recipe

This recipe makes a cup with accentuated acidity and a round thick body!! Perfect balance though.

This recipe includes a bypass - anywhere from 40 to 100g water due to your taste.

Tip: Press all the way , you want those extra oils!

Another tip: Don't preheat your AeroPress for this recipe!

Recipe details:

Metal Filter


Anything light


87°C / 188°F


  1. Add coffee to inverted AeroPress (not preheated!)
  2. Pour 50g water (87 C)
  3. Let bloom for 30sec
  4. Stirr for 10 sec
  5. Slowly pour 100g water should take 30-40 sec
  6. Put cap on and let it brew
  7. At 2:20 flip aeropress and swirl
  8. Press all the way (you want the extra oils!) at 2:30 untill 3:00 mins
  9. Add from 40 to 100g bypass due to your preferences
  10. Enjoy !!!

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