V60 Style Aeropress (dark roast)

For a V60 style brew with your AeroPress, using a dark roast.

This recipe includes 2 filters, or one Aesir Filter.

No stirring... No bloom.

There is also a light roast version of this recipe :)

This dark roast version of the recipe is a little longer and a little cooler than the light roast version, and adds a 100ml bypass upon completion of your brew.

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


A dark roast


85°C / 185°F
  1. 2 paper filters or 1 Aesir filter
  2. Rinse filter(s) with hot water & preheat brewing vessel
  3. Add 17g of fine ground coffee to your AeroPress in standard orientation
  4. Quickly add 160ml of 80-85c water, then insert your plunger to use as a vacuum to stop coffee dripping through while it steeps.
  5. No stirring & no bloom
  6. Steep for 60 seconds
  7. Press for 30 seconds
  8. Stop pressing before the hiss
  9. Dilute with 100ml water