2017/2019 WAC Winners Hybrid for 2


An Aeropress brew for two that a couple can enjoy. It's a light (low body) cup of coffee with a very sweet taste and almost no bitterness because of the short brewtime and oversaturation of the decoction.

This is our everyday brew, hybridized from the two WAC winners that we love (2017/2019) for methods, but the brew was too strong for us.

Have never measured with a refractometer for TDS.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Coarse 6.5-7/10(Baratza Encore 26 to 28/40)
Medium Roast


85°C / 185°F
  1. Heat 800ml-1L water to 185 F (85 C). Do not preheat server or mugs/cups.
  2. Pre-rinse cap with one metal + one paper filter with hot water (If using Go, use 2x paper).
  3. Prepare inverted Aeropress with 35g coarse ground coffee (6.5-7/10).
  4. 0 Start timer and pour 150g of water over coffee for 15 sec.
  5. 0'15'' Stir vigorously but carefully with a pair of wooden chopsticks for 30 sec.
  6. 0'45'' Put the filter cap on, squeeze down to remove excess air until the cap sits just above the brew.
  7. 1'00'' Place a glass server on the scale and reset weight.
  8. 1'05'' Flip the AeroPress onto the glass server and press for 30 - 45 sec.
  9. You should have about 110-115g of decoction. Split this evenly between two 12 oz (350 ml) capacity coffee mugs.
  10. Top up each mug with anywhere from 150-250 ml of water, adjust to your taste. We like to top our 12 oz Kind mugs up to the "bottom" of the silicone band (about +280g of water after the decoction).

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