Experimental AeroPress Recipes

It's fun to experiment and this collection of Experimental AeroPress recipes let's you do just that.

Hints of cinnamon, AeroPress brewed with coconut water, AeroPress with fruit filters - these recipes stray a little from your standard AeroPress recipe, but it's always nice to try something different.

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AeroPress for 2...

A simple remedy to an old Aeropress dilemma - how do I brew for two?

This recipe has a video This is a cold brew recipe 14

Cold Drip Coffee with PUCKPUCK

Turn any AeroPress into a cold brew drip system using PUCKPUCK.


Prismo Full Immersion Brew

Prismo is known for making espresso but can also make a full immersion brew with your AeroPress.


2017/2019 WAC Winners Hybrid for 2

An Aeropress brew for two that a couple can enjoy.


Uncle Wolfie's 'CocoSpresso'

Coffee bloomed in espresso then steeped in coconut water? Giddy up!

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AeroPress with fruit filter

A refreshing coffee with some orange bliss


Sweet Town

A balanced recipe with enhanced sweetness, citric acidity, and a clean after taste.


Israeli Cardamom Coffee

An AeroPress recipe inspired by Middle Eastern flavours.


Crocodile Prophecy

Just add saffron and diet Pepsi...

This is a cold brew recipe 6

Prismo 'Affauxgato'

An Affogato with the Aeropress? Yeah, you can do that.


Quick and dirty

For when you don't want to f#$k around. A quick versatile cup - good with or without milk.


Candy Blow Flower AeroPress recipe

The name says it all - a super sweet and floral AeroPress recipe!


Thick & Clean

A clean and thick AeroPress espresso using the Fellow Prismo

This is a cold brew recipe 6

Orange AeroPress Coffee

A refreshing orange iced coffee made with an orange filter.


AeroPress / V60 Combo

Something different - an AeroPress plunged into a V60.


A hint of liquorice

A balanced medium body coffee with an unexpected twist!


Double AeroPress, Double The Fun

Got a spare AeroPress? Then try this double-AeroPress recipe!


Carlos' XL Recipe

Make a BIG coffee, or share it with a friend.

This is a cold brew recipe 2

Coffee Infused Raspberry Kicker

A coffee infused cocktail that really packs a berry punch!


Low temp stirring recipe

'I like my coffee drinkable right away, so for this AeroPress recipe I use a water temperature of 75 degrees celsius.'

This recipe has a video 2

Brew with 2POUR®

‘Less fussing, more sipping! – but this time, with friends!

A little bit about AeroPrecipe.com


Why Aeroprecipe?

It’s obvious to some, but not all - for those that don’t understand the name, AeroPrecipe is the combination of the words AeroPress Recipe. AeroPrecipe!

Ahhhh, now I get it!.... So why AeroPress Recipes?

The AeroPress is a simple device to look at - it’s really just a big, plastic syringe - but the more you use it, the more you read about it, and the more coffee you drink from it you realise there is more than meets the eye. The AeroPress is a complex beast and there’s a million different ways to brew coffee with it. All these different ways of brewing with the AeroPress are known within the coffee community as ‘AeroPress Recipes’.

We love the AeroPress and found ourselves constantly scouring the internet for new AeroPress Recipes. There are recipes from champions, heaps of recipes on youtube, reddit, different blogs with different articles about brewing with the AeroPress - it’s endless; but it’s scattered everywhere and hard to stay on top of.

So we created AeroPrecipe.com - a simple place to collate all our favourite AeroPress Recipes in one place. We built in some fun filters so we can find the right coffee to make based on the coffee we have and how we are feeling on this particular day. Visitors can upvote their favourite AeroPress Recipes, and even submit their own.

Currently we have 60+ recipes in our collection, but we know there’s more out there so our collection of AeroPress Recipes will continue to grow.

We plan to add more features - ability to create your own recipe collections, an AeroPress Recipe Timer for each recipe, comment functionality etc... we know this little site isn’t going to change the world, but we want it to be as fun and as useful as it can be - we all need coffee after all, so why not have a little inspiration!

To stay updated, you can join us on instagram, twitter and facebook.

Ok, I’ve read all this but I don’t actually know what an AeroPress is!

Oops! The AeroPress is a simple tool to make really good coffee at home. It was invented by Mr Alan Adler, the same man that invented the very well known Aerobie Frisbee (hence the ‘Aero’ in the name).

Alan could never come to terms with the inherent bitterness of coffee and set out to create something that made coffee in a simple way, and that taste the way he liked it. The result was the AeroPress - a simple plastic cylinder, with a plunger and a filter. It wasn’t an instant success in coffee circles, but eventually it landed in the hands of Tim Wendelboe and friends who saw its potential, started experimenting, and thought ‘hey, you can actually make pretty decent coffee with this thing’.

In Norway, 2008, Wendelboe and friends thought they might have a fun competition between friends to see ‘who could brew the best cup of AeroPress coffee’ and the World AeroPress Championship (WAC) was born. The competition has become a huge success and is now hosted in over 60 countries with over 3,000 competitors! The WAC has played a major part in boosting the popularity of the AeroPress.

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The AeroPress was invented by the same man that invented the Aerobie Frisbee, 80 year old Alan Adler.
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