Experimental AeroPress Recipes

It's fun to experiment and this collection of Experimental AeroPress recipes let's you do just that.

Hints of cinnamon, AeroPress brewed with coconut water, AeroPress with fruit filters - these recipes stray a little from your standard AeroPress recipe, but it's always nice to try something different.

To see all AeroPress recipes (not just experimental AeroPress recipes), go to the homepage.

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  • Championship
  • Experimental
  • From a Barista
  • From an Enthusiast


  • Standard
  • Inverted

Filter type

  • Paper
  • Metal

Brew Time (minutes)

  • <2
  • 2-5
  • 5+

Amount of coffee (grams)

  • <10
  • 10-20
  • >20


  • Recipe includes video
  • Show only cold recipes