Experimental AeroPress Recipes

It's fun to experiment and this collection of Experimental AeroPress recipes let's you do just that.

Hints of cinnamon, AeroPress brewed with coconut water, AeroPress with fruit filters - these recipes stray a little from your standard AeroPress recipe, but it's always nice to try something different.

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Aeropress Movie
From Alan Adlers basement to the world stage: the first Aeropress Documentary
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This Recipe has a videoThis is a cold brew recipe

Cold Drip Coffee with PUCKPUCK

Turn any AeroPress into a cold brew drip system using PUCKPUCK.

AeroPress for 2...

A simple remedy to an old Aeropress dilemma - how do I brew for two?

Uncle Wolfie's 'CocoSpresso'

Coffee bloomed in espresso then steeped in coconut water? Giddy up!

AeroPress / V60 Combo

Something different - an AeroPress plunged into a V60.

Prismo Full Immersion Brew

Prismo is known for making espresso but can also make a full immersion brew with your AeroPress.

A hint of liquorice

A balanced medium body coffee with an unexpected twist!

2017/2019 WAC Winners Hybrid for 2

An Aeropress brew for two that a couple can enjoy.
This is a cold brew recipe

Prismo 'Affauxgato'

An Affogato with the Aeropress? Yeah, you can do that.
This Recipe has a video

AeroPress with fruit filter

A refreshing coffee with some orange bliss

Double AeroPress, Double The Fun

Got a spare AeroPress? Then try this double-AeroPress recipe!

Quick and dirty

For when you don't want to f#$k around. A quick versatile cup - good with or without milk.

Sweet Town

A balanced recipe with enhanced sweetness, citric acidity, and a clean after taste.

Low temp stirring recipe

'I like my coffee drinkable right away, so for this AeroPress recipe I use a water temperature of 75 degrees celsius.'
This Recipe has a video

Brew with 2POUR®

‘Less fussing, more sipping! – but this time, with friends!
This is a cold brew recipe

Coffee Infused Raspberry Kicker

A coffee infused cocktail that really packs a berry punch!

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