A hint of liquorice

This AeroPress recipe strays a little from the norm; if you are not a liquorice lover, look away.... but if you like liquorice and you like coffee, this experimental AeroPress recipe might be right up your alley.

For this AeroPress recipe it's best to use a balanced medium body coffee with a dark chocolate base and a hint of caramel - this would complement the aniseed and not overpower it.

The result should be the same bold texture and flavour profile you expect from the AeroPress, yet with a hint of liquorice to excite the palate and give it an unexpected twist.

Recipe details:

Metal Filter


Fine - Medium
A balanced medium body coffee with a dark chocolate base and a hint of caramel


95°C / 203°F


  1. Add a sprinkle of Aniseed to ground coffee
  2. Add coffee mixture and fill the water level to nearly the top (number 4 marker)
  3. Wait for the bloom or "mushroom cloud" to dissipate (which is approx. 30 sec)
  4. Stir the coffee for it to begin settling
  5. Add more water back to the number 4 marker
  6. Place the plunger on top, and plunge after 3 more minutes of brewing
  7. We recommend using a reusable metal filter to enhance the oil viscosity and texture of the coffee; as well, it's good for the environment to save paper

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