AeroPress / V60 Combo

This one sounds odd, but bear with us. You'll need an AeroPress and a V60, and you'll be plunging the Aeropress into the V60.

This AeroPress Recipe should produce a super full-bodied, but balanced coffee, with the aromatic acids and sugars.

In Tylers own words:

" this was just me wanting to have a cup of coffee with next to no emulsion in it haha "

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium - Fine
Topeca Coffee Roasters Kenya Gachichi PB!


92°C / 197°F
  1. Invert the press to where the plunger is on the bottom of the upside-down notch "4"
  2. Place coffee in AeroPress
  3. Pour 50g water onto grounds, stir vigorously to incorporate water into grounds. (At this point, you'll rinse the AeroPress filter and the V60 filter.)
  4. At the :30 mark, pour the remaining 160g water
  5. Set the cap on top of the press, but don't seal it
  6. At 2:30, stir the coffee again, place cap on and seal it
  7. Set Aeropress on top of v60 cone and place cone on cup
  8. Press out the coffee through cone and filter
  9. Decant into your favorite mug

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