Alberto's modded Wendelboe

A to-my-taste modification of Tim Wendelboe's recipe, using the inverted method for flow control.

📝 Recipe Notes:

  • Water: Just boiled
  • Grind size: Finer than medium, coarser than espresso
  • Filter: One, rinsed

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter




99°C / 210°F


  1. Rinse a filter paper in your AeroPress cap.
  2. Add 14g of ground coffee to the inverted AeroPress.
  3. Start timer, add 200ml/g water.
  4. Stir in a back and forward motion at least three times, to soak all the coffee.
  5. Wait to 2:00, stir again three times or more in the same motion.
  6. Put the cap on and push to remove all air until liquid gets to the filter.
  7. Invert and push gently (around 30s). Wait a few minutes before tasting.

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