Double AeroPress, Double The Fun

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Do you have a spare AeroPress? Or your friend is also an AeroPress fan like you?

Then you have to give this one a go!

Cheffe used this double-AeroPress method in a W.A.C competition in Wuhan, China. It's a unique and fun way to use the AeroPress. Even the judges were impressed by his recipe in the competition.

Basically, Cheffe uses 2 AeroPress, brewing at the same time. One inverted (let's call this one A), one standard (B). B is brewing on a glass.

When A finishes brewing, he presses the coffee from A to B using the funnel that came with the original package. Then he presses B in a normal standard method (which now includes the coffee from A).

There are some special stirring and key timings you need to keep in mind. Read the full steps thoroughly before you brew this one.

Maybe we can't get it right the first time. But that's the fun part of an experimental recipe. Just try it!

P.S Use water with PH 7.2 if you can.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium - Coarse (8 on Baratza Virtuoso)
Papua New Guinea - washed


83°C / 181°F
  1. AeroPress-A: Inverted, add 10.1g coffee; AeroPress-B: Standard, add 10.2g coffee.
  2. Put double paper filters in both A & B's caps, rinse the filters with cold water. Put B on a cup.
  3. Start the timer, add 150g water to A, stir 2 times in a "W" shape.
  4. Add 210g water to B, stir 2 times in the "W" shape.
  5. At 1 minute mark, stir A 3 times in the "W" shape.
  6. Put the funnel on B, then flip A onto B. Press A slowly for 45s.
  7. Remove A and the funnel, stir B 2 times in the "W" shape.
  8. Put the plunger on B and start pressing. Finish at 2:40.
  9. Stir the coffee well and enjoy!

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