Volumetric AeroPress® for 2 (great for travel or camping)

Creator: Kyle R
This recipe will brew about 300mls. Enough for a thermos or to share with a friend.  I wanted to achieve a good, even extraction with little fuss. I didn't want to fiddle with a scale, a precarious inverted method, or fumble with creating a vacuum.

It can be brewed with any type of kettle, perhaps a pot, or even a hot water spout at a gas station or convenience store.

What makes the AeroPress so unique and great apart from its ingenious design and compact size, is it creates a cup that is part percolation, part immersion, and part pressurized filter brew with no bypass or gimmicks resulting in a good, clean cup offering outstanding clarity and texture with ease. This technique is designed to be simple and efficient.

I like to use the included AeroPress coffee scoop. Yes I know, GASP volumetric measurement may be absurd to some but this technique is about ease and utilizing the tools provided not technical precision (though they both have their merits). I have found the AeroPress coffee scoop to yield ~17 g of speciality, light to medium roast coffee. Maybe less for darker roasts. If using a darker roast try grinding a bit coarser say medium fine or dropping the water temp.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Fine - Medium Fine


99°C / 210°F


  1. Grind one AeroPress rounded coffee scoop of coffee (~17g) — fine.
  2. Place AeroPress paper filter on bottom of AeroPress and add ground coffee.
  3. Fill AeroPress to ① with water right off the boil. Stir or swirl turbulently to fully saturate grounds.
  4. Start stopwatch and bloom :45.
  5. After bloom phase quickly fill AeroPress to brim.
  6. Brew until level drops to ④ and top back up to brim.
  7. At 3:00 gently agitate and allow grounds to settle for 30 seconds.
  8. At 3:30 place plunger atop and press s l o w l y using forearm for style points.
  9. Finish press by 4:30 pressing plunger through hissing sound compacting puck.
  10. Enjoy.

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