Iced AeroPress | Light Roast

Category: Experimental
This is a cold recipe

A random experiment that turned into a refreshing drink after a long, tiring day.

📝 Recipe Notes:

  • Any Light / Light Medium Roasted Coffee - Coffee used in this experiment: Kudiraipanjan Anaerobic 72 Naturals
  • Grind setting: 12-14 on the Baratza Encore
  • Rinsed paper filter
  • 100g Water + 100g Ice Cubes (brewing) + 25g or 50g Ice Cubes in the cup

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Light / Light-medium Roast


92°C°C / NaN°F
100g + 150g IcemL


  1. Set your AeroPress in the standard position on a server, put 100g of ice in the server.
  2. Grind 14g of a washed light roasted coffee (12-14 on the Baratza Encore), and put the ground coffee inside the AeroPress and flatten the bed.
  3. Pour 30g of 92°C water and let it bloom for 30 seconds.
  4. At 0:30, pour the remaining 70g, and place the plunger on top until it creates a vacuum seal, but do not press further.
  5. At 1:45, swirl it twice gently.
  6. At 1:55, press it lightly, until 2:15.
  7. Place 25-50g of Ice Cubes in the desired drinking cup, and decant your brew into the cup.

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