Iced AeroPress Recipe by Alexander Mills

Creator: Justin Ling
This is a cold recipe

This recipe was posted online in 2020 by Alexander Mills. I'm mainly submitting it so I can save it along with all my other saved recipes here. :) All credit to him!

Note: this recipe uses 150g water and 150g ice.

His description:
"I prefer this flashed chilled iced coffee method over any cold brew. Brewing hot and pressing over top of large chunks of ice, each drop of hot coffee gets flashed chilled in an instant on impact. The result is a cold cup with big character, not sacrificing any of the sweetness or acidity that you should love in your coffee."

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Light roasts


99°C / 210°F


  1. Pre-rinse two paper filters in the cap to wash the papery taste out of them and preheat the brewer. Discard water and set cap aside.
  2. With the Aeropress inverted, pour 50g of your boiled water into your AeropPress and stir thoroughly. This bloom period will last for 30s.
  3. At the 0:30 mark, pour the remaining 100g of water rather quickly in concentric circles. When your total volume of water is in the chamber, give it one deep stir and then cap your AeroPress.
  4. At 2:30 flip your AeroPress on top of your server and press steadily for 30s over 150g if ice. Stop your press when the AeroPress hisses!
  5. Give your iced coffee a good swirl in your server to exchange those final molecules of heat for some cooler ones and then serve in a chilled glass.

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