Low temp stirring recipe

Category: Experimental
Creator: Olav

I like my coffee drinkable right away, so for this AeroPress recipe I use a water temperature of 75 degrees celsius.

This causes decreased extraction rate compared to boiling water, so the main task is to find the best way to compensate (increasing time, finer grind etc)

My preliminary conclusion is that the best way is to increase agitation/stirring heavily.

Although I have been trying out different recipes for 1+ years, I still consider this experimental.

I will possibly post an improved/final version when I have tested with more types of coffee.

Suggestions for improvements are welcome (leave a comment below!); that's why I post it now.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium-fine (15 on Baratza encore)
Light or medium roasted


75°C / 167°F


  1. Prepare filter cap with one or two rinsed paper filters.
  2. Set up inverted Aeropress and add coffee ground to chamber. Even out the ground and level the bed.
  3. For the next three steps, stir in one circle motion each second, using the Aeropress stirrer.
  4. At 0:00 (bloom):Add enough water to make the mixture thin, but not liquid. Stir,
  5. At 0:30 (pour): Add the rest of the water for about 30 s while stirring - this should come to about 2 cm below the top of the inverted chamber.
  6. At 1:00 (main extraction): Continue stirring for 30 s.
  7. At 1:30 (press): Start pressing, and press slow enough to finish at about 2:00-2:10. If necesseary, increase the pressing at the end rather than at the start. Press all the way through.

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