Lungo Espresso

A very basic AeroPress espresso recipe for pulling bigger ratios like a Lungo shot. This recipe works great for light and medium roast to get espresso style coffee with a gentle acidity.

šŸ“ Recipe Notes:

  • Filter: 2 paper filters, rinsed

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Light/Medium roast


98Ā°C / 208Ā°F


  1. Push the plunger of AeroPress about halfway in and invert it.
  2. Wet 2 paper filters and preheat your cup.
  3. Add 20g fine ground coffee to the invert AeroPress.
  4. Add all 90ml of water at once. Stir back and forth with the AeroPress stirring stick for 30 seconds.
  5. Let sit for additional 60 seconds (90 seconds total time).
  6. Add the cap and invert the unit. Give a gentle swirl to integrate any grounds stuck to the plunger and let sit for 30 more seconds (2 minutes total).
  7. Plunge until you hit the grounds, quickly.
  8. Give a quick stir to the coffee in your cup and enjoy.

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