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Whilst trying some espresso-style AeroPress recipes I casually found a nice Moka-pot style coffee, which is really quite indistinguishable from a good Moka Pot technique. It's not burned, which is good, since in Italy nearly everyone burns its coffee with a Moka Pot, making it quite bitter.

The coffee is quite strong (but not like espresso, obv) and I think, with some tinkering, it could be made more enjoyable.

  • This recipe works for 2 doses. I think you can make more servings (max 4, or 3 on an AeroPress go) by adding half a spoon of coffee for every serving.
  • You may also use a Moka filter or a shower screen, but it's not strictly needed

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


ground for Moka
Dark roast


96°C / 204°F


  1. Add a filter paper to the bottom and add your ground coffee, then shake it to level the bed.
  2. Compress the puck in some way (usually a small spice bottle is ok) and then put a paper filter on the puck (or a shower screen of a moka filter).
  3. Add your water (if you can't measure it, up to the 2) and press gently. Stop at the first drops.
  4. Wait 25 seconds to pre-infuse the puck.
  5. Then, press gently. You can stop at the hiss or press to the puck, it does not change a lot.
  6. Enjoy your strong small coffee.

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