Nectar in your cup

This brewing method works best to bring the boozy-nectary sweetness from natural (or) honey-processed coffees. In fact, as someone who is fairly new to brewing coffee at home, it was while using this method that I first tasted the 'nectary-sweetness' in coffee and discovered it was way different from the 'sugary-sweetness' that I usually associated the taste of 'sweetness' to.

Dialing it in

No two coffees are the same; thus, there is room for adjustment when dialing in using this method. I've found the adjustment is best done in Grind Size and Brew Time while keeping the water temperature, amount of coffee, and the amount of water constant.

šŸ“ Recipe Notes:

  • Grind size: Medium-fine, 30 clicks in my Kingrinder K6
  • Beans: Light roasts with bright, fruity/flower notes (works best with natural/honey processed)

Tried this recipe? Let us know what you think, in the comments below.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Light roast; Natural/honey process


93Ā°C / 199Ā°F


  1. Heat at least 200ml of water and setup an inverted AeroPress
  2. Grind 12g of medium-fine light-roast coffee and add it into the AeroPress (90 clicks in my Kingrinder K6)
  3. Pour 50g of hot water onto the coffee grounds
  4. Stir the grounds 3 times and let it bloom for 30s
  5. Meanwhile, wet the paper filter
  6. After 30s, pour the remaining 150g of water and attach the filter cap
  7. Gently invert the AeroPress along with a cup. Look for any stuck grounds to the walls and get rid of them by swirling the water inside
  8. Let the coffee brew until 2:45 and start pressing until 03:00
  9. Let the coffee rest until you get rid of the grinds and wash your AP
  10. Enjoy!

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