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This is based off me sifting through countless recipes, and finally just throwing my hands up and doing things myself. I have no real knowledge as to what happens when coffee is brewed, I just know what I like, and I like this cup. Maybe you will too!

I don't have a proper kettle or temp, just a scale and a timer, and, if done right, will give you a nice, full-bodied, not-too-bitter morning cup.

I like to add a splash (~20g) of room temp water just to bring it to the perfect sipping temp. This cup is great with or without milk. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Recipe details:

Metal Filter


2 steps coarser than espresso
Darker side of med-dark roast


90°C / 194°F


  1. Put your 19g of ground (I use a medium-dark blend from a local roaster, just a bit more coarse than espresso) into an inverted Aeropress--tap to level out.
  2. Bloom- Once the water has boiled, give it about 30 seconds. Start your timer. Pour 35g of water in, enough to saturate the grounds, and give 3 quick stirs.
  3. Let it sit and bubble off until you hit 35 seconds.
  4. Fill up the Aeropress to just below the top with your water, and give a quick 3 stirs with a chopstick or reusable straw (something that won't slosh it around too much).
  5. Top off with water, throw on the metal filter, screw on the cap, and flip it onto your cup. Give it an authoritative, but forgiving press that should last about 30-35 seconds.

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