The Botched

Creator:Fey Kart

We all had that one morning half asleep when out of nowhere the press seems to be so much easier...

Did you get stronger overnight? Sadly no, you just put your filter wrong and now half of the grounds are in your cup. What a mess.

But let's not throw the coffee just yet šŸŒš just put a new paper and awkwardly pour your coffee puree into the AeroPress again to re-filter it.

It won't be as good as your normal cup but... Oh wait... What is happening... Is this...? But how can it be?

It's AMAZING !ā˜•

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium - Fine
Light - Medium


100Ā°C / 212Ā°F


  1. Put 12 grams of coffee in the inverted method,plunger halfway in.
  2. Start timer. Pour 90g of water over 30 seconds and stir to homogenize.
  3. Rinse your paper filter and put it on the cap, except you are half asleep and put it just halfway .
  4. Wait at least 1 minute, more is better.
  5. Invert your AeroPress and wonder why is it leaking so much.
  6. Give it a couple swirls and start to press. Realize that all the grounds are going in to the cup and you have to re-filter.
  7. Decide you won't throw it away and put all the coffee back in the AeroPress.
  8. Put the filter on properly this time and give it a good stir to homogenize the grounds.
  9. Put the AeroPress on the cup and pull back the plunger a bit so it makes a vacuum and the coffee does not leek. Give it some swirls and then wait for 1 minute.
  10. Press the coffee very gently and slowly.

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