Tim Wendelboe

Tim Wendelboe founded the World Aeropress Championships and is well known for popularising the AeroPress.

This AeroPress recipe is exactly what they use in the Tim Wendelboe cafe in Oslo, Norway.

Click here for a stronger, darker recipe from Time Wendelboe.

You can also watch Tim brew this recipe by himself in European Coffee Trip 's Aeropress Movie.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Something light, of your choice


96°C / 204°F


  1. Rinse the paper filter with running tap water for 10 seconds
  2. Use 14 grams of freshly fine filter ground coffee (light roast)
  3. Pour 200g of water at about 96°C over the coffee.
  4. Stir 3 times back to front.
  5. Place the handle on the AeroPress in order to prevent the water from draining through the filter.
  6. Steep for 60 seconds.
  7. After 60 second steep time, take the handle off, stir 3 times back to front.... it's important to only stir 3 times again here, if you stir less it will be under-extracted, stir more and it will be over-extracted.
  8. Then place the handle on top of the AeroPress and press the contents into a large cup or pitcher by using your body weight.