Uncle Wolfie's 'CocoSpresso'

Your coffee grounds bloomed in espresso then steeped in coconut water?

It sounds crazy at first glance but give this one a shot (actually a double shot... of espresso).

This is not your typical off the shelf AeroPress recipe, but who needs typical - let's have some fun. If you're keen to try something different, something creative (or simply don't want to sleep for a few days) put this on your list. It's a sure crowd pleaser.

In the words of Uncle Wolfie himself, this one is " rich and Smooth, like a hunk of fudge ".

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium - Fine
A coffee with red berry and rich chocolate notes. And most house espressos.


96°C / 204°F


  1. Add your coffee to the AeroPress.
  2. Prepare a doubleshot espresso using the same coffee.
  3. Pour the espresso into your AeroPress, using it to bloom the coffee that is already in there for about 10 seconds.
  4. Top up with 250g of coconut water
  5. Add plunger (but don't push) to top of AeroPress to stop it dripping.
  6. Steep for 45 seconds.
  7. Remove plunger, stir briefly, and then plunge for approx. 25 seconds.
  8. Enjoy the ride!

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