Worked today, will it tomorrow?

Category: Experimental
Creator: Jo Stone
I ramble through various variants of various recipes using various beans, and today's cup was amazing... It’s a balanced cup that lasted the cooling process. So recording it to see if I can recreate tomorrow....

I grind my beans to medium-fine (1:6 on Aergrind). I dilute the final brew with more hot water and add milk.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium-fine (1:6 on Aergrind)
Medium - light


99°C / 210°F


  1. Add 14g medium-finely ground coffee to AeroPress in standard position
  2. Add roughly 50g freshly boiled water, stir to distribute grounds within water. Start timer.
  3. Add remaining 150g water, insert plunger (and not press, hopefully obviously)
  4. Swirl roughly 5 times at 1:00
  5. Start pressing gently at 1:30, aim to finish by 2:00
  6. Dilute with more hot water, add milk

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