Coffee Infused Raspberry Kicker

This is a cold recipe

This coffee infused cocktail really packs a berry punch - recommended pairing with a coffee with strong chocolate notes.

One crucial ingredient for this recipe is the cold drip coffee... check this recipe from PUCKPUCK to make that first, then check back here for the cocktail recipe!

Ingredients for this cocktail:

70ml slow drip coffee
20ml raspberry liquor
35ml burboun
A Martini Glass

See intructions below!

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


A coffee with strong berry notes


4°C / 39°F
  1. Add your 70ml coffee, 20ml raspberry liquor and 35ml bourbon into a cocktail shaker
  2. Add plenty of ice
  3. Give it a good 'ol shake
  4. Double strain for a silky smooth finish
  5. Pour into your Martini Glass....
  6. ... and enjoy, then come back for another!

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