Kimbo Klassik

Whilst my heart desires single origin coffee's all day long, I find myself using some cheaper beans at times to cut costs.

This recipe was developed using "Kimbo Extra Cream Medium Roast" (in fact a dark roast to me) and whilst I enjoy the heavier notes here I wanted to get the most balanced cup out of it!

Inspired by James Hoffmann and the almighty 13g that makes you happy.

Recipe Note:

  • 16 clicks on Timemore Chestnut C3 Grinder, upper end of the pour-over.

Tried this recipe? Let us know what you think, in the comments below.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Kimbo Extra Cream Medium Roast (works with any cheap darkish roast)


95-98°C / NaN°F


  1. Add 39g of almost boiling water, stir x 5, wait until 0:45.
  2. Pour water in circular motion until you hit 200g (no stir).
  3. Add the filter and wait until 2:00.
  4. Flip the AeroPress, swirl to get all grinds from the sider, wait until 2:30.
  5. Gently press 20 seconds & Enjoy!

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